Flying High in London

Nike Shop packed with NFL fans

The great thing about London as you can visit it as many times and still there is something new to see.  My daughter and I took a trip to the big city on a flying visit and stayed with a relative.  Shopping was the top priority on our agenda, so on Saturday morning after a night of rest we hit the shops, but not before seeing a museum as it was a two way bargain, Aoife wanted to buy new clothes and I wanted to be inspired by the sights.  The National Portrait Gallery is just off Leister Square and displays 200,000 portraits from the 16th century to the present day.  The Gallery not only includes paintings of Kings and Queens such as the Tudors and Queen Victoria but there are also photographs and sculptors of famous people, inventors and historical heroes.


With the morning spent absorbing history and knowledge, we hopped on the tube into Oxford Street.  This street is famous for shopping and had a great buzz, I was informed that it is like this all the time and there is never a quiet moment walking down Oxford Street.  On the corner there was a big Nike Store and they were promoting the NFL American football coming to London.  The store was jammed with shoppers buying the t-shirts and baseball caps to support their teams.  Around the corner from there  was a big New Look outlet and my daughter purchased what she wanted and went away a happy camper.

We strolled down Regent Street with its array of flags and advertisements for the NFL, and browsed around Hamley’s Toy Store.  The shop was a little overpriced but the entertainment brought the punters in.  However we did not purchase anything and was a little disappointed, so tiredness was setting in and we went home.

The following day was our trip home but we stopped off in Uxbridge to do some more last minute shopping and ate in a lovely restaurant called Just Ask.  The menu had a great selection of pizza and pasta’s and I opted for the rigatoni with extra chilies.

Cheerleaders for the NFL on Regent’s Street

We flew home with and our flight was very pleasant, it was a very relaxing and educational weekend.


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