Touchdown Georgia Tech is the winning team in American Football


Saturday September 3 – American Football arrives at the Aviva Stadium

Two teams Georgia Tech and Boston College battle it out in front of a crowd of over 40,000.

The game kicked off at 12.30 and went on for approximately three and a half hours for a one hour play.

American football is more than just a Game, it is entertainment for all, with cheerleaders, a brass band, dancers and singers.

Throughout the afternoon the game stopped and started, when the game paused the cheerleaders gave a big performance to the delight of the audience.

Big companies sponsored the game including Aer Lingus, IBEC, Grant Thornton and Coca Cola.


Both teams played four quarters and at the end of the second quarter, the brass band moved into the centre of the field and formed the 1916 rising, then played the “Ireland” song, “Together we will stand”, followed by the “Fields of Athenry”. Dancers then came on and performed Riverdance.  The crowd gave a standing ovation to this wonderful performance.


Georgia Tech and Boston College were in the same league to begin with but Georgia Tech scored a touchdown in the first half, followed by another point, so was in the lead by seven points. In the third quarter Boston College were level with Georgia and were ahead by 14 to 7 just before close of the third quarter.  Boston College missed their chance to win the game with two field goals and in the last couple of minutes of the game Georgia Tech had scored ten, points, so were the winners.

At the end of the game the cheerleaders gave their victory dance and the players flooded the pitch and it finished with Enda Kenny presenting the winning team with a trophy.

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