Christmas at Tayto Park

Visit Tayto Park – It’s number one for having lots of craic

My family and I went to see Santa and his Elves in the Grotto

Tayto park is a crisp/chip themed park and with 750,000 visitors flocking to it last year, you would want to be off your rocker not to see it.  Every time I go to Tayto Park, another attraction has been added on, so there is plenty to do and see.  We were on a mission to visit Santa and had an allocated time slot, so decided to explore what the park had to offer first.  In the souvenir shop, the Cul Chulainn coaster was heavily advertised, Ireland’s only wooden roller coaster but also the country’s largest coaster since 2016.  As we viewed it from below, it seemed to travel slowly at first, but once the speed picked up, the screams, I am sure, could be heard from miles away.  The 5D cinema was just around the corner, so we watched a short clip of the Polar Express, the seats moved as water jets, bubbles, leg ticklers all came at us in a 5D effect.

Now it was time to visit Santa and his elves, so we boarded the train to get us there.  The Elves greeted us on arrival and we strolled around the grotto and watched the Polar Bears and the Penguins have their afternoon tea parties.  The Christmas trees were tastefully decorated with plenty of sparkle.  We got our photo taken with Santa and the kids got a lovely present.

We walked around the farm and greeted the Highland cattle, pygmy goats and the Vietnamese pot belly pigs.  Tayto park has a small zoo where you can visit American Bison, Mountain Lions and Amur Tigers.

Santa at Tayto Park is definitely a must see, vote Tayto, vote No. 1.

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