London is the Place to Be


London is a great city to visit and my family and I went on a Shrek Adventure, watched Watford and Wolver Hampton Wanderers battle it out on the football pitch and dined in style at Bills restaurant.


First things first, we needed some retail therapy and what better way to spend the day than shopping in Uxbridge. There is no shortage of shops, cafes and restaurants in Uxbridge and after laden down with bags of clothes and books it was time to head back to our accommodation for some rest and relaxation.


Shrek Adventure

The Shrek experience is located right beside the iconic London Eye, a 443 feet tall Ferris wheel and one of the most popular tourist attractions in London. We could see for ourselves how busy it was, as the queue for the wheel snaked all the way around the corner. We left Westminister station, admired the view of Westminister Abbey and the boats travelling up and down the river Thames. We arrived early at the Shrek Adventure and were able to walk straight in, Shrek was a funny interactive experience as the staff performed west-end style allowing the audience to join in along the way by collecting special ingredients in order to meet the big green Ogre. We were entertained at every corner as we met Sleeping Beauty (forever dozing off),
the Axe Man who tried to chop Pinnochio in two, the funny chef and of course Shrek who allowed the whole family to get their photograph taken with him. After our experience we headed to Pizza Hut for a buffet lunch and then rolled out of there to look around the shops, my kids purchased some confectionary to bring home.


Football Premier League

On the Saturday of our trip we watched the football game of Watford and Wolves. The fans amused us as they chanted, sang and even banged on the drums throughout the whole match. It was a very close game and even both teams were level at one stage with a score of one all. At the end of the game Wolves were in the lead by 1 goal and even though the fans were disappointed, the atmosphere was very civilised as we made our way towards Bills restaurants.


Bills restaurant

Bills have a chain of restaurants across London and with a good choice of food on their menu. I had the succulent buttermilk chicken burger and a side order of fries; the kids went for small portions of bangers and mash and mac n cheese and to follow fruit and chocolate dipping sauce which they wore on their clothes on the way home. Bills also have a selection of steaks, many side orders and a good wine list.

On the last day of our holiday we decided to do some last-minute shopping in Uxbridge before hopping on the A10 bus to Heathrow airport.

Next time I visit London I plan on taking a boat journey down the river Thames and watch Mean time in Greenwich.

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