Adventure of a Lifetime


Escape from Ireland’s Eye Swim

I took a trip on a boat to the Island of Ireland’s Eye and swam to shore, here is my review on this great journey.

I decided to take on the challenge of a 2k swim from Ireland’s eye to Howth in June 2018.
Proceeds of this swim were going towards my son’s local school to build a Sensory Room,
and this room would have a real impact on children with special needs as well as being
a room for the other boys to relax and be tranquil in.
As I had already told the principal there was no backing out of this swim.
I absolutely love the water and got quite excited about the race, however the morning of, the
nerves set in and I had my doubts about whether I could do it.
With plenty of swimming practice before hand, I knew I had to do this but Howth Challenge Team did warn us that there may be currents and I had read about being swept across to Portmarnock beach and ending up swimming twice the distance.
The morning of the race I woke up to the glorious sunshine streaming through the windows and because the weather had been so good, there was a warning of jelly fish in the water.  However, the sea looked nice and calm, not a ripple in sight.  We boarded the small boat to take us to the island at 8.00 in the morning, it got very hot.  When we got off the boat I sat on the island looking around me watching the other swimmers lashing on the suncream.  I grew up in Howth and this was the first time to visit Ireland’s Eye, even though
I could see it from my house and took many photos of it in the past.  The view was amazing and it felt like a tropical island with the gorgeous weather.  Coming closer to the starting time, I got a little nervous, my first sea swim race.

The whistle blew and we all charged into the waters, it was a free for all, and at one stage I got tangled up in another swimmer, having to kick and elbow my way out of the situation.
It felt like I was swimming forever and I lost my bearing half way through as my goggles steamed up and I just decided to follow the other swimmers.
I looked around at one stage and thought I was one of the last and the boats were beside me, however when I was getting near the finishing line I could see other swimmers in front and behind me.  We were very close to the shore so had to walk the
couple of meters to the finish as the water was not deep enough.
It was exhilarating getting out of the water, knowing you travelled that distance and made it alive.
My timing wasn’t bad either, 47 minutes in 2 kilometres.
That’s one thing off my bucket list, here’s to June 2019 for my next swim.

I have been back to the island since and boat trips leave outside Aqua restaurant howth frequently, for more information log on to

Pictures of Howth


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