Cinders and the UGLY Sisters

The Olympia Theatre Dublin

Al Porter and Dustin the Turkey put on a great performance of Cinderella in the Olympia Theatre, Dublin over Christmas. The Ugly sisters were very funny and Buttons, Polly’s friend(Ryan Andrews from Fair City) is sitting on Linda the Ostrich, who just happens to have a very deep voice.  Al created a few funny scenes by smashing a whole ice-cream into Buttons face, which made the audience laugh out loud.  Of course we all know the story of Prince Charming falling in love with Cinderella who tries to woo her.  However Cinders is housebound by her step sisters whom she has to shave their backs, cut their nails and paint their dirty toenails as well as all the chores.  She does not get a chance to go to the ball as she is put under lock and key.  The fairy godmother (played by Al) comes to her rescue and turns her into a princess with a beautiful dress and horse and carriage. A lot of jokes were said about Al being a bit of a fairy. A Shetland pony walks across the stage to the delight of the audience.  Just before the interval the actors engage with the audience by asking general questions about their lifestyle.  One funny scene was of the Rocky Horror Picture show as the UGLY sisters lay in their beds after a night on the tiles at the ball with a Spice Box between them.

When the second half starts Cinderella appears at the ball, dances with the prince but disappears at the stroke of midnight just before her riches turn to rags.  In the meantime, the Prince wonders what happens to the Belle of the Ball and realises her glass slipper is left behind.  He calls to every household hoping to find her, and the UGLY sisters get in the way and want to marry Prince Charming, insisting the slipper fits.

In the end the couple find each other and live happily ever after.


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