Solidarity – Billy Elliot Shines

50398a1IMG_20160820_175000[1]Billy Elliot at the Bord Gais Theatre

I was very moved yesterday at the performance of Billy Elliot the ballet dancer.  When Maggie Thatcher was Prime Minister, the job situation in Newcastle was grim for the miners, who went on strike to try and receive more pay, but the situation did not work out too well.

Billy came from a very poor background and his mother died when he was young, although he did have some fond memories of her.  His father and older brother were miners, but went on strike with the rest of the communities.  As in the song ‘Solidarity’, they stick together no matter what happens.  However, Maggie Thatcher broke the unions, and the miners despised her for that.  Billy was pushed into boxing and would often turn up late for practice, one day he stumbled upon a ballet class and grew to love it.  His family wanted him to be a strong boy and be a man, not to dance as that was just for girls.  Billy’s ballet teacher encouraged him to move on and achieve his goals as she believed he had potential.

The music, the singing and the dancing was superb yesterday, even if there was a bit of colourful language.  Bord Gais Theatre is a great place to host such a big performance, as no matter where you sit, you can see the stage from every angle.  The show was so entertaining that it received a standing ovation.

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