John Coughlan remembered


      It’s been a year since our good friend and pal John Coughlan died on February 2, 2013. Just a week ago at this years Travel Extra Travel Writer of the Year Awards ceremony at Thomas Prior House, Dublin, this picture was projected on the big screen as colleagues, young and old, recalled fond memories, reminiscences and paid tribute with many’s a travel tale.
Picture courtesy of Eoghan Corry, Editor of Travel Extra
Our thoughts are still with you
John’s daughter Louise Coughlan writes of her dad and treasured family memories

“Smile for the camera,” Stephen, Louise and John, Jr.
     Dear Dad
     A year has gone by and my thoughts are still with you.  If I could just meet you again, I would tell you how much I love you.  Your family were a huge part of your life and you adored mum.  You loved to travel and the creativity in your writing was an inspiration to everyone.  I remember when I used to write for the Holiday magazine and each article produced had numerous red lines through it as you would often say “this drivel needs to be tweaked a little”.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  Well now I am writing every day, as determination is such a wonderful thing.  I hope I have done you proud!
     All those trips around the world, probably not appreciated at the time, but have now encouraged us to travel.  On holidays you often would say “smile for the camera”, eventually our smiles would turn to scowls, and my brothers would make rude gestures.  You reminded me of Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s vacation, driving around foreign country roads for hours before we located our destination.  There was never a dull moment on holidays, and it was embarrassing when you drove into an outdoor restaurant, looking for directions, much to the amusement of the diners.  We hid on the floor.
     Another trip the family went on was to a villa in Italy.  Very remote with adjoining rooms and my cousin and I never got any peace, as you would show up every five minutes wanting to join in the conversation.  The following day we headed to the beach and my cousin and I could not even check out the local talent by the water’s edge as once again you appeared on the scene.  The swimming pool was the size of a bath and every morning the flies were fished out before being able to take a dip.  The owner of the villa enjoyed his vino and had one too many, so was often seen floating across the pool on a Li-lo.
Travel and gardening: Margaret and John amid the bougainvilleas
     Not only did you produce the Holiday magazine, but a variety of books called Memories about older Dublin, gardening magazines and in your earlier years, Spotlight.  Mum, you and your dear friend Pat, along with many others worked tirelessly putting the Holiday magazine together twice a year.  Your family (especially mum) and friends were very important to you, as you loved to entertain with many barbecues and dinner parties which could carry on till the early hours of the morning.  I know you adored your grandchildren whom gave you a new lease of life.  I also know a year on, we will always think of you, but will celebrate your life and all the things you achieved.  You were and still are a huge part of our lives and for which we are very grateful.
                                                     I will miss you but will remember the good times!
                                                                    Always remembered never forgotten!
                                                                                               Love Louise 

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