John Coughlan

In memory of Dad

John Coughlan, editor and publisher of HOLIDAY magazine died two years ago. 
His daughter Louise Coughlan remembers him in a very appropriate way 
by taking part in a mini-marathon to support Brain Tumour Ireland

Just over two years ago my dad died from a very aggressive brain tumour, it was devastating for us all and still to this day I find it hard to believe that he is gone.  A couple of months later my cousin and I decided to run the mini-marathon in aid of St. Francis Hospice, Raheny.  It was the first time I had ever jogged a 10k race.  The sun was beating down on us that but we managed to finish it in a good time.  The Hospice is a brilliant charity and my dad stayed there for the last few days of his life.  A friend of mine described the staff in this wonderful establishment as “Little Angels.”
This year when I registered for the mini-marathon , a voluntary charity called Brain Tumour Ireland cropped up, so I decided to run for this very worthy cause.  It was set up in 2012 by a group of people who had lost a family member from this heart breaking disease.  Their aim is to inform, educate and support other people about brain tumours.  Also the organisation needs to fund and promote medical research on this subject at home and abroad.
On the 1st of June, 2015 I ran the women’s mini-marathon in memory of my dad and I raised funds for the charity through sponsorship.  The weather was atrocious from beginning to end but fortunately it did not keep everybody from completing the task in hand.  It was a very enjoyable day and it was great to finish it in a good time.  I am delighted with all the donations that were given for this worthy cause and I am sure it will go a long way to helping with the research for this charity.
Throughout the race I did not stop thinking about my dad and the suffering he must have went through, so a little bit of rain did not dampen my spirits.
I hope I made him proud.

To get involved or to support:
Brain Tumour Ireland –
St. Francis Hospice, Raheny –

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